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Wine from Tuscany

Found 2541
Tuscany is home to some of the world’s most famous wines. Many of the world’s most well-loved wines, like Chianti and Barolo, are produced in Tuscany. Wines from this region are among the most alluring in the world because the wine connoisseur knows the area in Tuscany has the perfect pH balance in the soil all year round which enables the terraced vineyards to produce consistently high impact flavour.

Tuscany has a very long history in winemaking and around 8th Century BC, the Etruscans brought viticulture with them, when they imported vines from the Orient into Tuscany. They started to cultivate vines, which grew to produce vast amounts of grapes. The Etruscans continued to plant grapevines in Tuscany along the sea, and it was the areas of Maremma and Livorno that held the most vines.

Wine was first sold by a Tuscan retailer in 1079, and by 1282 a guild called the Arte dei Vinattieri was formed. This guide set strict rules for wine merchants. During the middle ages, people from the town of Siena in Tuscany began to plant vines too. By the 14th century, people from Siena drank 419 liters of wine per person per year!