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Shiraz wine

Found 1051
The story of Shiraz wine is one of resurrection and transformation. Originally, Shiraz wine referred to an exquisite white wine made from dried grapes at the city of Shiraz in Persia. Shiraz was a favorite of the kings of ancient Persia. Gradually this traditional drink disappeared in the sands of time. However, Shiraz wine underwent a form of etymological resurrection, and today Shiraz is a red wine which is widely popular across the world.

Legends claim that Shiraz grapes grown at the Rhone Valley in France are derived from the original Persian variety. Allow your glass of Shiraz to transport you to an ancient time, a place where mysterious belly dancers evoked the desires of desert warriors and sheiks.

Shiraz is grown from a dark-skinned variety of grapes. Producers colloquially refer to the wine as Syrah. The grape is grown all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Chile, South Africa and other European countries. There are two major variants of Syrah red wine.

The first variety is found when the grape is grown in moderate climates (for instance, the USA). This variety characteristically imparts notes of blackberry, black pepper, and mint. The tannin level in this variant is higher than the grapes grown in relatively warm climates (Australia), and so the wine may taste comparatively dry.

The second variant of this red wine is contains less tannin, and imparts notes of licorice, and jammy fruits. The second type is generally has more of a full bodied taste and finish.