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Cutty Sark

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What separates Cutty Sark whiskey from other brands, is its immediately recognizable aroma. Not many spirits can say the same, as they only feature a simplistic taste with slight variations. The distillery was established back in 1923 by the Cutty Sark Corporation Berry Bros. & Rudd, with almost a century of quality production. The bottle itself is easily identifiable, given its coat of arms label that is coloured bright yellow. On the label itself, the brand’s namesake ship is painted, to remind the consumer of its respectable legacy.

Over the years, Cutty Sark has expanded from a local operation to a worldwide brand that is distributed in over 120 nations. Complexity is the key ingredient of this spirit, with over thirty different types of grain whiskey variations used in the distillation process. Your taste palette will be inundated with a plethora of aromas, as Cutty Sark will never cease to surprise and entice its consumers.