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Bourbon whiskey is made from corn mash, aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years. Bourbon has been enjoyed throughout the world for nearly two hundred years. Bourbon is native to America, and is even celebrated in Kentucky, which hosts a Bourbon festival every year. In fact, 90% of all American Bourbon whiskey comes from Kentucky.

The characteristic taste of Bourbon is influenced by the lengthy oak aging process, and the high percentages of corn malt used during brewing. There are many brands of Bourbon available including Jim Beam, Kentucky Vintage, Red Stag, Four Roses and Wild Turkey to name but a few of the most popular brands.

The production of Bourbon involves mixing a large quantity of corn with a remainder of either wheat or rye or malted barley. This is then mixed well with water, yeast and sometimes mash from previous batches to maintain acidity. This mash is then distilled and the then clear liquid is transferred to charred oak barrels for it to develop into Bourbon. The caramelized sugars as well as the process of oxidation give Bourbon its unique amber colour and taste. After four years of maturing, the Bourbon whiskey is bottled, labelled and sold.

Bourbon whiskey is usually labelled straight or blended. Straight is when there are no additives for colour or flavour, and in blended Bourbon other spirits are used. It is also mandatory to state the age on the label if it is less than four years.