Beer "Zubr" Classic Dark, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Zubr" Classic Dark, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark brown in color with a firm dense froth.


Beer taste rich, full, bitter-sweet, with a velvety hop bitterness and bright notes of roasted malt, which is felt even in the long finish.


The aroma of beer is dominated by shades of roasted malt.


Beer goes well with curries, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Asian food, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Zubr" Classic Dark - beer dark brown, almost black in color with abundant resistant foam, full of flavor, in which moderate hop bitterness delicate balance sweetish notes of roasted malt and a long aftertaste.

In Moravia, in a town called Prerov (Prerov) in 1872, several hundred businessmen founded the brewery, which was called "First Moravian Joint Stock Brewery with malt house in Prerov," and briefly - "Pivovar Prerov." Brewery logo and symbol of its products, and then the brand name has become a dwelling in these lands bison.

By the end of the XIX century beer "Bison" has become the owner of the high titles at international exhibitions. In 1948 the factory was nationalized, but after 1989 again became a joint stock company. From this moment on the plant experienced a new round of development, the result of which was the acquisition of the brewery's products at the most prestigious competitions of 12 top awards (excluding diplomas and certificates). Of the number of medals are not honored, no brewery Czech Republic.

Today, the brewery, which is called - "Zubr", in terms of production is one of the largest in the country, its products are exported to many countries. Production is based on the classic, traditional bottom fermentation technology, making beer "Zubr" belongs to the category of traditional Czech beer. Its consistent quality and taste to this day ensures the success of the brewery.


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