Beer "Zlaty Bazant" Nealco, 0.48 L

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RB 2.08
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Reviews of purchase "Zlaty Bazant" Nealco, 0.48 L

Tasting Notes


Beer light golden color.


Beer with a soft, pleasant, fairly full-bodied taste with a light hop bitterness.


Delicate aroma of beer, fresh, with hints of hops.


Beer is a good refreshing drink, digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Zlaty Bazant" Nealco - non-alcoholic beer, which is brewed by a specially developed brand at home in Slovakia recipe. With a minimum amount of alcohol (0.5%), beer has not watery, but rather a rich taste of this beer. Beer has won three silver awards in its category at international competitions.

Brewery Zlaty Bazant, located in the town of Hurbanovo in southwestern Slovakia, began its work in 1969. It was opened on the basis of the malt house, built two years earlier. The popularity of beer, not only at home, in the USSR and other socialist countries, but also in the West (in Austria, Denmark, Greece and even in Uganda) "provoked" the rapid growth of production and the launch of new bottling lines, including - in cans .

Western investors have appreciated the potential of the brewery, and in 1995 became the owner of the brand Dutch brewery holding Heineken. Significant investments in the modernization of production and marketing strengthened the position of the brand "Zlaty Bazant" in the domestic and foreign markets. Sales of beer "Zlaty Bazant" in Slovakia for several years and has doubled today account for 42% of the total market, and the production of malt Brewery, which produces 140,000 tons of malt per year, was the largest in the region.


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