Glass Zafferano Tumbler “Twiddle” Blu, 350 ml

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Interesting Facts

Produced manually clear tumblers with blue decor from the collection Twiddle - a real treasure: elegant, stylish and inspirational, these glasses will adorn any celebration and cheer up on a weekday. As with any product made by hand, from the collection of glasses Twiddle - unique that makes them extraordinary and memorable gift to your friends and loved ones. Of these glasses can enjoy juices, mineral water, cocktails and other beverages.

The stylish and elegant handicrafts from the collection Twiddle (Twiddle) from the company Zafferana made ​​of transparent glass, each glass and carafe series Twiddle decorated concise vertical and horizontal lines of colored glass. Such decoration applied on the products made in different variations of color - white, transparent, blue and red - creates a memorable and attractive play of colors.

Wine - part of the Italian tradition, the same can be said about the glass. Two symbols of Italian culture are connected together in a unique glasses Zafferano, created by Venetian designers.
Company History Zafferana associated with Federico de Mayo and has its roots in the family business on the island of Murano. It was here in the mid-1970s Federico begins production of art glass, later he decided to found a company dedicated to the production of glasses.
Zafferana products made by talented craftsmen using age-old techniques. Each handcrafted piece is unique and priceless, it highlights the distinctive logo of the letter "Z" (from the name of the company Zafferano). In addition to hand-made glasses in the company's portfolio also contains excellent products made by machine.
In our store you can buy glasses and decanters Zafferano Tumbler “Twiddle” Blu, 350 ml, price Zafferano Tumbler “Twiddle” Blu, 350 ml — 2 239 rub.. Producer glasses and decanters Zafferano. Delivery Zafferano Tumbler “Twiddle” Blu, 350 ml.