Beer Wychwood, "Hobgoblin", in keg, 30 L

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Reviews of purchase Wychwood, "Hobgoblin", in keg, 30 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark ruby-brown color.


Rich taste of beer mesmerizing deep tones of roasted malt, dark fruit sweetness, which is balanced by a slight bitterness. The finish is fruity, long.


Tempting aroma of beer consists of sweetish fruit and malt notes.


Beer can be used with a snack, meat dishes, appetizers, grilled vegetables, burgers.

Interesting Facts

Dark ale "Hobgoblin" ("Goblin") has a beautiful ruby-brown color and bright flavor with notes of roasted malt and a slight bitterness, and a unique fruity aftertaste.

The history of beer making "Goblin" is shrouded in legend. When in 1988 ordered the Wychwood Brewery brew to celebrate the wedding of the daughter of the famous Lord, brewer Chris Mos create the best ale in his life. Its rich taste was so unusual and mystical, that at one point on the beer bottle brewer dreamed image Goblin. Thus, the name of beer. In England, "Goblin" is the official beer of the holiday Halloween.

Wychwood Brewery is located in Witney in the heart of Oxfordshire Cotswolds - a symbolic place for brewing, which is engaged in for centuries. Production is based in an old building built in 1841. Named (or rather - renamed in 1990) in honor of the nearby medieval forest The Wych Wood, Brewery reflected in the names of some of the beer heroes of this magical forest. So iconic beer company is the "Hobgoblin" - house, dwelling in HIV Wood. And then there's "Goblin King," "Scarecrow" and "Wychcraft" ("Witchcraft").

Wychwood Brewery produces a wide range of beverages, using in their production of both traditional and innovative methods. It occupies the first place in the UK for the production of organic beer, the third - for the production of premium bottled beer and the fifth - among the exported English beer.


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