Whisky "Wild Turkey 81", 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Bourbon light amber.


Bourbon has a mild flavor with the traditional "Wild Turkey" tones of caramel and vanilla. They harmoniously complemented by new shades - sweet, buttery, nuances of maple syrup and pears. Sweet aftertaste shows tones of cinnamon.


The aroma of bourbon plays tones toffee, honey, caramel and toasted oak.


Bourbon perfectly combined with soda and cola. Also, it is equally well in pure form and with ice. Perfect as an ingredient for cocktails (eg "Manhattan" and "Old Fashioned").

Interesting Facts

"Wild Turkey 81" - soft, full, slightly buttery bourbon created from six, seven and eight-year-spirits aged in specially selected, new baked barrels of white American oak. First "Wild Turkey 81" was introduced in 2011 and it immediately dubbed the opposite of aggressive and assertive "Wild Turkey 101".

"Wild Turkey 81" - "straight" bourbon. This means that the composition of the distillate contains not less than 51% of cereal species. Bourbon at the factory near Laurensburga (Kentucky). The drink has uncharacteristic bourbon "Wild Turkey" feature - a relatively small fortress.
The author of this bourbon -Eddi Russell, son of well-known experts in the field of whiskey - Jimmy Russell, who sought to create a drink with an average strength of 50.5%, which was the hallmark of the brand "Wild Turkey". But Eddie did not follow in the footsteps of his father. He decided to release bourbon, which would become an ideal ingredient for cocktails. That is why the strength of the drink was dropped, that he had not scored for their bright tones of the other components of the mix. Updates touched and Design "Wild Turkey": the label has become more expressive, bright and cocky.

The history of the company dates back to 1855. Its founder, Austin Nichols, opened a shop selling alcohol, spices and coffee. Flourished and the next step in the development was the production of alcoholic beverages on their own Ripy Distillery (Laurensburg). Until 1870 bourbon from Austin Nichols sold only in barrels, then it went on sale and in bottles. Successful activity of the company halted because of "dry law", but after its cancellation manufacturing facilities have been restored, improved and expanded.
The name of "Wild Turkey" was born only in 1940. Rumor has it that this happened during the hunt, when the plant manager, Thomas McCarthy, accompanied by a few friends went to catch wild turkeys. In this campaign he wisely took a couple of bottles of bourbon than infinitely pleased with the entire company. Accompanying him on the day shortstop often recalled hunting day and asked to re-take with a "that" bourbon, jokingly calling it "Wild Turkey", which translates as "wild turkey". So the name stuck and will appeal to all for a drink.
Since 1954, the reins of the "Wild Turke" belonged to Jimmy Russell - master distiller, the highest class and world-renowned expert professionals of whiskey. Then it took the place of honor, his son Eddie.

"Wild Turkey" has become so popular that it was repeatedly mentioned in the literature, songs and movies: the works of Stephen King, in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and the song "Sober" band "Muse".

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