"White Horse" (2 bottles) & "White Horse 1900" (1 bottle)

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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 3 bottles of whiskey
The volume of the bottle: 500 ml
Gift Box

In the gift set includes 3 bottles of blended Scotch whiskey - "White Horse" (2 bottles) and "White Horse 1900" (1 bottle).
Blend whiskey "White Horse" is made ​​up of 40 varieties. Of these, 30% - malt whiskey "Lagavulin", "Craigellachie" and "Glen Elgin", 70% - grain whiskey different varieties. This whiskey from the Scottish Highlands has a complex aromatic palette with hints of peat and soft taste with notes of peat, malt and grain copper.
"White Horse 1900" - a lighter whiskey, also consisting of cereals and malt alcohol mainly from Speyside region (including the "Glen Elgin" and "Lagavulin"). Whisky has a soft, rich, fresh taste with fruity creamy motives tones of citrus, smoke and cane sugar. Aroma reveals nuances of pear, apple, honey and wood.

White Horse distillery was founded in 1861 by James Logan Mackie. Until 1924 it was called "Mackie and Co". Distillery became successful because of his "second head" and the driving force - the entrepreneur Peter Mackie, the stories that "one-third was a genius, one-third was eccentric, another megalomaniac." It was he who in 1890 founded and registered whiskey "White Horse", named after the famous Edinburgh inn, which in turn was named after the white horse breed horse Palfrey, owned by Mary Queen of Scots, who come from the nearby Palace of Holyroodhouse. In 1915, Peter Mackie bought the plant in Speyside Craigellachie, whose temples joined the blend "White Horse". When Peter died in 1924, his whiskey was one of the main blended whiskey in the world and among the top five. In 1927, the distillery became part of The Distillers Compagny Limited. Today whiskey under the brand name "White Horse" is exported in almost 200 countries around the world.
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