Liqueur Wenneker, Blue Curacao, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Wenneker, Blue Curacao, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


The drink is a bright blue color.


Refreshing liquor with interesting citrus flavor of apples Curacao.


The bouquet is harmoniously connected with Blue Curacao Curacao flavors of apples and citrus fruits.


This liqueur cocktails gives a beautiful view and wonderful taste. You can drink it in its pure form, but it is best combined with ice, as well as adding to the long drinks lemonade or orange juice.

Interesting Facts

Nice refreshing liqueur Blue Curacao is based on the distillate apples Curacao, which are more like oranges with bitter taste and are delivered with the same name of the island, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The distillation process takes place using high boilers brewing of copper, which in this case is very important, as this affects the metal during the process, but does not allow foreign flavor product distillation. Distillation has been only an experienced master, as it had organoleptically taste and aroma of the resulting product can be divided into three parts (sections) - first, middle and final. For the manufacture of liquor is only an average cut. In order to obtain the desired flavor of the product, depending on the recipe of cooking, mixing specialists produce a distillate of the extract and other components. Then ready to drink for "rest" is placed in barrels or containers with high volume. Before automatic bottling necessarily made the ultimate control taste and liquor% alcohol content.

Wenneker, Blue Curacao at the International Competition of Wine and Spirits in 2007 he won the bronze medal in the category of alcoholic Fruit-Orange.

In ancient documents preserved the exact date of the creation of the distillery in the town Wenneker Schiedam (Netherlands). It was 16 February 1693 Hendrik far Stiman received permission to install two boilers for distillation in order to further the production of brandy. In 1812, the estate became the master Johann Venneker, but in 1903, his great-grandson of Francis because of the lack of heirs was forced to sell the company to a local brewer named Cornelius Johannes van der Thuine. In subsequent years, the family business became successful development. By 1967, the factory area has failed to meet the growing needs of production, so there was a question about the extension. However, in Schiedam is not allowed to do, and the management decided to move the factory in Roosendaal. The city is located between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, and therefore is very convenient in terms of logistics. This is the fourth generation of the family Van der Tuijn engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages, which has become known not only at home, but also entered the international market. The company dates back several centuries of history, for the production of distillates, extracts, tinctures and extracts used all over the world brought in by the best raw materials (berries, fruits, seeds, roots, herbs, seeds, bark, flowers). Today Venneker keeps up with the times and continues to grow, but remain unchanged original basic recipes from the 17th century and the high quality of the drinks, which is always a top priority for Wenneker Distilleries.


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