Schnaps Wachauer Marille 2003, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Schnaps Wachauer Marille 2003, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Crystal clear


Has a very rich, full-bodied taste, at the same time smooth and soft, which expressed the sweet notes of ripe apricot and there is little bitterness.


Extensive and pronounced aromas of ripe apricot.


Good as an aperitif. Like for meat, game, poultry, sausages Munich. It is recommended as a digestif at the use of fatty foods, as well stimulates digestion. When used can be diluted with water.

Interesting Facts

For the production of vintage snaps Rochelt company uses the most ripe and clean fruits and observes the old recipe, following which fermentation takes place only in a natural way. Another prerequisite for the production of schnapps is a double distillation and aging schnapps in glass containers having the shape of a ball, at least 3 years. This allows us to give the drink a soft, rounded flavor with a high percentage of alcohol, but significantly reduces the volume of production. In the year Rochelt produces only 7,000 liters of schnapps, but they are all of the highest quality. Rochelt schnapps are available in bottles of the original form, the prototype of which was a silhouette Tyrolean gun.
Wachauer Marille is made from the best varieties of apricot - "Klosterneuburger" and "Ungarische Beste", and collect fruits only when very ripe and juicy of them begin to fall to the ground. This ensures an amazing taste and high quality future schnapps.


In our store you can buy schnaps Schnaps Wachauer Marille 2003, 0.7 L, price Schnaps Wachauer Marille 2003, 0.7 L — 10 437 rub.. Producer schnaps Rochelt. Delivery Schnaps Wachauer Marille 2003, 0.7 L.