Brandy Vinex Preslav, "Pliska" VSOP Reserve, 0.5 L

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  • Strength: 40%
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Reviews of purchase Vinex Preslav, "Pliska" VSOP Reserve, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Brandy has an attractive mahogany color.


Taste brandy perfectly balanced, velvety, with nuances of oak and fragrant caramel aftertaste.


The aroma of brandy tones of acacia flowers blend harmoniously with notes of dried apricots and vanilla.


Brandy used as a digestive, both in pure form or in combination with ice or tonic.

Interesting Facts

Marc brandy "Pliska" was created in 1953. Due to high quality and unique taste characteristics, this product quickly became a true cult drink in the USSR.
Brandy "Pliska" VSOP Reserve is made from grapes of the highest quality alcohols. For the production of alcohols used grape varieties Dimyat, Rkatsiteli and Ugni Blanc. Spirits distilled in copper alambikah the traditional way, and then aged in small oak barrels for seven years. The drink has a rich mahogany color, fruity aroma and perfectly balanced taste.

Producer's description

Founded in 1948, the company Vinex Preslav and today is one of the leaders in the production of high-quality wines and spirits. The beverage of Vinex Preslav mainly used traditional techniques, but at the same time, companies are constantly seeking to improve the quality of the beverage, and using modern trends winemaking.
The Vinex Preslav are fundamental quality grapes, harvested with great care, advanced technology and a highly skilled team of professionals - the parameters for maximum basis for achieving excellent results.


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