Wine Villa Victoria, Merlot Reserve, 2015

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Reviews of purchase Villa Victoria, Merlot Reserve, 2015

Tasting Notes


Wine is rich garnet color.


Nice fullness of fruit taste complemented by crisp bright tannins, characteristic notes of tobacco, bitter almond and persimmon. The finish is long, with berry accent in the final.


The spicy aroma of wine tints of black currant, pomegranate and cherry infused with nuances of vanilla, coffee and spices.


The wine will pair with meat grilled pepper steak, goat cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Villa Victoria, Cabernet Franc, 2014 - interesting wine created from the selected berries c 5-year-old vines of Cabernet Franc. Traditional fermentation in the production of wine is replaced by aging in oak barrels from the Caucasus, which lasts more than 9 months. The wine has a storage capacity of about 5 years.

Producer's description

Villa Victoria is situated in a unique location surrounded by hills Markhotsky ridge that literally created for the birth of magnificent fine wines. 15 km from the sea, on 80 hectares ripen classic international grapes. Clean air, groundwater, fresh wind Black Sea, sunny days and calcareous soil - all these features make the perfect combination of terroir, which many winemakers can only dream of. Sergey Yanov, owner of Villa Victoria, which he named after his wife, built his winery on the principles of respect for the natural environment. Consultant economy was John Voronchak. The first harvest was in 2011 with a two year old vines Sauvignon Blanc. Initially the wine made in the "Myskhako" Roman Neborsky. Today, the latest energy saving technologies, modern equipment used in the vineyards and winery, attention to detail and honoring the traditions of winemaking wines allowed Villa Victoria to succeed at prestigious Russian and international wine exhibitions and competitions.

Of particular note is the first line of wines from Villa Victoria, entitled "Bell Tree", which is associated with an interesting history, which occurred during planting vineyards. The ground was found an ancient bell that charmed her clear sweet sound. As it turned out later, thanks to the stories and memories of local residents, after the end of the Caucasian War in the late XIX century on these lands pitched their farm Russian immigrants. Not having its own church, people bought a bell, which hung on the nearest tree to the house. The ringing of the bell announced to the arrival of the prayer time. Beautiful legend was the basis of a series of wines "Bell Tree", which are also distinguished by the purity of his "sound". They appreciated as the world's largest tasting contest "China Wine Award", and in Russia, where they were awarded the title of "Kuban wines - the pride of Russia."


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