Wine Villa Pampini, Valpolicella DOC, 2015

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Vivino 3.6
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Reviews of purchase Villa Pampini, Valpolicella DOC, 2015

Tasting Notes


Wine saturated purple color.


The wine is dry, harmonious taste with spicy cherry bitterness in the finish.


Solid, clean and sustainable wine aroma filled fruity notes.


Wine perfectly accompanies pasta, roasts, grilled meats and cheeses (especially mature).

Interesting Facts

Valpolicella red wine made ​​from grapes Corvina and Rondinella, grown on different vineyards of Valpolicella. Vinification carried out in stainless steel vats.

Old agricultural company Pampini Villa, which was later renamed Villa Verucchio (Villa Verucchio), for many decades famous for the production of fine wines. The winery is located near the town of Rimini. On the label of wines you can see the old saying in Latin, written by Sallust in the "Epistle to the elder Caesar", - "Faber est suae quisque fortunae", which means "each smith of his own destiny." This statement is the basic philosophy of the winery, and indeed - the extraordinary diligence winemakers in conjunction with the natural resources of the region offer excellent results. Cevico Gruppo acquired the winery is not so long ago, but a huge investment and labor companies have brought in a number of winery recognizable and beloved Italian manufacturers. Winery back its old name - Villa Pampini. In Cevik believe that all work at the winery will bear fruit, and Villa Pampini deserves international recognition.

The largest Italian consortium Cevico Gruppo, existing on the market since 1963, brings together more than 4,500 manufacturers who have decided to co-production wines. total area of ​​vineyards is 6700 hectares, and the company owns 15 wineries and three plants. Today, a group of companies Cevico is the largest producer and exporter of Italian wines of Romagna. In wine production company uses the most advanced technologies, the main ones are soft spin, kriomatseratsiya termokontroliruemaya and vinification in the absence of oxygen. Average annual production capacity is 100,000 tons of wine.


In our store you can buy wine Villa Pampini, Valpolicella DOC, 2015, price Villa Pampini, Valpolicella DOC, 2015 — 1 109 rub.. Producer wine Cevico. Delivery Villa Pampini, Valpolicella DOC, 2015.