Wine Vaziani, Kindzmarauli

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark red in color with garnet.


Velvety taste of the wine has a lovely sweetness harmoniously augmented moderate acidity. Long aftertaste is characterized by rounded tannins and juicy notes of berries.


Delicate aroma of wine reveals hints of berry jam, raspberry, cherry, rose petals and crushed cherry pits.


The wine is perfectly combined with cheeses, desserts and fruits.

Interesting Facts

Kindzmarauli - one of the most popular Georgian wines. According to the law of Georgia, who in 2012 was supported by the EU, it is now the only Kindzmarauli appellasonom at which enshrines the right to the production of wines of the same name. The local climate is characterized by a large number of sunny days and moderate rainfall. Vineyards, broken at the mouth of the river Alazan Duruji and protected from the winds by high mountains. Red semisweet wine Kindzmarauli created from Saperavi grapes, vinified old Kakhetian method using clay jugs "kvevri." Grapes are crushed and fermented after destemming. Due to the high sugar content in grapes, the wine has a natural sweetness without adding sugar. Before capping wine is pasteurized in bottles for 15-20 minutes.

Producer's description

The first thing associated the word "Georgian wine" - a tradition. After all, it is due to respect for the legacy of their ancestors, the glory of Georgian wines does not fade with age. These manufacturers using ancient techniques in the production of wine, the company is "Vaziani", founded in 1982. Its wine cellar or "Marani" was built in the second half of the XV century, and many of the old recipes and techniques are taken as a basis for the production of classic Georgian wines produced by the company. Thus, the special series distinguished wines whose production and storage takes place in the unique pottery - kvevri.
Following the reorganization in 2012, "Vaziani" became a limited liability company, and its production is located in the town of Telavi region of Kakheti, which has long been the reputation of the land, giving birth to incredibly beautiful wine. As a symbol, depicted on the emblem of the company, has been selected a peacock whose tail is also revealed slowly and beautifully, as the wine in the glass, in addition to bringing more gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure. The company "Vaziani" is the owner of 120 hectares of vineyards, which makes it possible to provide in its range of virtually all known varieties of Georgian wines, the quality of that evidence the diplomas, medals and Grand Prix received numerous international competitions.

Strict quality control system operates at all stages of the production process "Vaziani", from the meticulous sorting of grapes and ending with bottling the finished product and the labeling. Pressing and fermentation takes place with modern facilities that can help to preserve the purity of the products and the selected strains of dry yeast, delivered from France. Aged and processed wines are placed in a bottle by cold sterile bottling. The entire production process meets international standards ISO22000-2015.


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