Rum Varadero Anejo, 15 Anos, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Varadero Anejo, 15 Anos, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Rum intense amber color.


Full-bodied rum with intense flavor and long aftertaste, which reveals the sweetish notes of dried fruits.


Refined and rich bouquet reveals notes of rum sweet spices, wood and prunes.


Rohm recommend feeding pure or taste, with ice.

Interesting Facts

Varadero Anejo, 15 Anos - excellent Cuban rum with a soft, elegant taste and interesting, spicy aroma, one of the best digestives from the company "Varadero". The drink is made of high quality alcohol based on sugar cane with the addition of the first water. Production of rum - a long and laborious process. The first step for creating raw rum, takes at least one and a half years. After that, the resulting beverage is mixed with pure alcohol and aged for 15 years in burnt white oak barrels.

In 1862, with the support of the Spanish crown, was founded the company "Varadero", in which the legendary walls of many decades created a traditional soft, light and beverage Cuban rum. Company history rich in complexity and intertwined with historical events - after the revolution, the company was nationalized, and the owner of the factory was forced to flee, taking with him all the secret recipes drink. Nevertheless, still managed to preserve and restore the tradition of creating the most popular drink "island of freedom". The company received its name in honor of the eponymous town in the northern part of Cuba. Today Varadero - one of the most popular resorts in the world. It is called the "state within a state" - a closed area for rest foreigners, unique, incredibly prestigious and beautiful place.

The author of the exclusive Roma "Varadero" is Valentino Perez Farina, who immigrated to Cuba from Spain in 1898. Thanks to his efforts and the high quality of the drink by the end of the XX century Varadero rum became known not only in Cuba and the United States, but also Europe. Today, for its production uses the best sugar cane, which is grown in the southern part of Cuba. Secret fermentation technology, the traditional mode of production and aging in oak barrels give Varadero unique flavor, unlike any of the known Roma. "Varadero" the second largest after the Cuban brand Havana Club, who recently appeared in the Russian market, but has already gained popularity among connoisseurs of rum. Each label rum Varadero contains specific image at the top of the green securities in which the Cuban government ensures that Varadero is a Cuban rum and the whole process is carried out on Liberty Island. Such markings can be seen on bottles Havana Club, as it is required for all manufactured in Cuba Roma.


  • Strength:: 38%
  • Color : Golden
  • Сlassification: Reserve
  • Made from: Сane Juice
  • Cask type: White American Oak Casks
  • Body: Middle Boiled
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Exposure: 15 years
  • Website:
  • server brand :
  • Quantity in the box: 6
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