Beer "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier, 0.5 L

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BA-100 84
RB 2.97
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Reviews of purchase "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer cloudy yellow-brown color.


Balanced taste of beer, soft, with tones of wheat, yeast, banana, nuances of lemon, herbs, berries and cloves. A long, clean, dry finish filled with hints of bread crust.


Warm, pleasant aroma of beer reveals hints of banana, toasted bread, cloves, lemon and spice nuances.


Beer will be a good pair with German cuisine, cheeses, salads, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

Wheat beer "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier named in honor of Valentine's Day, patron saint of lovers. In beer "Valentins" too can fall in love: it conquers hazy amber color and soft, perfectly balanced, fresh taste. This divine drink "premium" class is made from high quality ingredients in the best tradition of monastic brewing in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. On eminent beer competition "DLG" German Agricultural Society in 2012 beer "Valentins" Premium Hefevaysbir received the Gold Prize, emphasizing high quality beer.

Producer's description

Private Brewery Eyhbaum (Privatbrauerei Eichbaum), located in Mannheim, dates back to 1679. Then Councilman Mannheim Jean du Shen opened a small tavern with a brewery. Name "Eichbaum" in German means "oak", exactly with the Walloon translated into German surname Shen. Gradually developing, brewery became one of the largest and most efficient plants in Baden-Württemberg. Eyhbaum - the oldest company in Mannheim, location of production is not just me, but always in Mannheim headquarters of the company. Today Eichbaum is an important part of the economic and cultural life of the city. Brewery adheres strictly to the law of the purity of brewing from 1516. The product range is wide and the plant is able to satisfy the taste of every connoisseur and lover of beer.


In our store you can buy beer "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier, 0.5 L, price "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier, 0.5 L — 98 rub.. Producer beer Eichbaum. Delivery "Valentins" Premium Hefeweissbier, 0.5 L.