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Interesting Facts

Vacu Vin, Cocktail Recipe Sticks - Sticks, which are designed for mixing cocktails directly in the glass. They are distinguished by original performance, because each of them contains a recipe for a popular cocktail. The set includes six sticks with six recipes - Sea Breeze, Bloody Mary, Cuba Libre, Tequila Sunrise, Tom Collins and screwdriver. To make your favorite cocktail, just follow the instructions. Sticks are designed for use with high glasses. They are equipped with special rubber caps, allows you to attach a stick to the glass.

Producer's description

Vacu Vin - a Dutch company, which originated in 1983. It was founded by Bernd Schneider, who created a vacuum stopper for wine. The idea of ​​developing this product came to him when he tried to drink sour. Together with his brother John, Bernd has created a device that allows guilt kept longer in an open bottle. Over time, the company began to produce not only the congestion, but also other accessories for the bar and the kitchen.

Today Waku Vin produces goods for home and professional use. And all offered products are original designs, high quality materials used in production and an acceptable cost.

At this point vacuum stoppers companies are more than 30 million. People in 75 countries. The success and uniqueness of the products is confirmed by Vacu Vin 20 awards of international standard in the sphere of trade and design.


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