Sparkling wine "Udelnoye Vedomstvo" Abrau-Durso Classic Demi-doux

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Reviews of purchase "Udelnoye Vedomstvo" Abrau-Durso Classic Demi-doux

Tasting Notes


Wine of a beautiful golden color with shine and stable game very thin perlyazha.


Taste wine has a great balance between living natural acidity and a pleasant sweet liquor, and also has a long and memorable finish.


Bright, rich aroma of wine combines shades of candied citrus, apple jam and apple pie.


Wine serve as a wonderful accompaniment to appetizers, foie gras dishes with sweet and sour sauce, desserts and aged cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Victor Dravin" semi-dry - a high quality sparkling wine with fine balance between sweetness and pleasant liquor lively acidity, has a bright and rich aroma with hints of candied citrus, apple jam and apple pie. For wine has been carefully selected the best grapes of four varieties grown in the Krasnodar region. Dosing of sugar produced special expedition liqueur, which included - cognac alcohol long-term exposure, giving additional noble tone aroma and taste of champagne.

"Victor Dravigny" Demi-sec dedicated to the famous champagne makers - Viktor Dravin, having worked in Abrau Durso from 1905 to 1919. It was he who brought the Russian classic French technique "Champenoise" and has made obtaining high quality wines, which has become not only a drink of Emperor Nicholas II and his family, but also the subject of export pride - wine delivered in the United States and Great Britain.

The success of Russian champagne house "Abrau Durso" was determined by several factors. Firstly, any production of wine begins with vineyards, and the beauty and richness of vines - with the terroir. Terroir, which is grown raw materials for wines "Abrau Durso" delicious, its richness in mineral elements and climatic features can be called unique. Secondly - a strong historical foundation, which guarantees the quality and workmanship of winemakers created by them drinks. History of the plant "Abrau Durso" has 140 years of work, experience and a real victory in winemaking. The third component of the House - a great technical equipment. In Russia, only "Abrau-Durso" is created and debugged a complete production cycle of great sparkling wines and champagnes. It is such a reliable base allows "Abrau Durso" go ahead, develop and stay the best!


In our store you can buy sparkling wine "Udelnoye Vedomstvo" Abrau-Durso Classic Demi-doux, price "Udelnoye Vedomstvo" Abrau-Durso Classic Demi-doux — 572 rub.. Producer sparkling wine Abrau-Durso (Russian Sparkling Wine House). Delivery "Udelnoye Vedomstvo" Abrau-Durso Classic Demi-doux.