Beer "Tuborg" Green, in can, 0.45 L

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Reviews of purchase "Tuborg" Green, in can, 0.45 L

Tasting Notes


Beer pure pale golden color.


Beer taste thin, light, sweetish malt tones and soft hints of hops. The finish is long, with delicate apple tartness.


The aroma of beer filled with tones of grain and fruit nuances of pale malt, leaves, corn.


Beer goes well with appetizers, poultry, fish, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

"Tuborg" Green - the famous beer has a light and refreshing taste and a dynamic, energetic character. That is why the beer is associated with the cheerful young people and is a sponsor of various entertainment events and music festivals. Feature recipe beer "Tuborg" Green are included in the special brewer's yeast, which give the beer a characteristic flavor. Danish brewers kept secret recipe for yeast and secrecy strong, long-standing foam.

Beer "Tuborg" Green is sold in 27 countries around the world, in Russia it has become the first foreign beer brand, which in 2000 began producing under license. Beer is produced in the factory of the brewing company "Baltika", part of the Carlsberg Group. In 2006, on the basis of professional competition "Osiris" beer was named "the best light with a density of 11%."

Danish Tuborg Brewery was founded in 1873. And the brewery and beer were called "Tuborg" by place name, where he cooked - Thuesborg. Beer "Tuborg" quickly became popular not only because of its taste, but also because it was the first in Denmark bottled. Almost a hundred years Tuborg led competitive war with another Danish giant Carlsberg, while in 1970, not a merger of the two companies in the Carlsberg Group. Today, "Tuborg" is a leading international brand and is sold in more than 100 countries around the world, established the licensed production of the brand in 25 countries.

The labels of beer "Tuborg" a crown, which is owned by the current Queen of Denmark. Danes joking: "In addition to Queen Margaret, we have also King - Tuborg".


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