Vodka "Tsarskaja" Gold, 50 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Tsarskaja" Gold, 50 ml

Tasting Notes


Vodka crystal clear color.


Due to the multi-stage cleaning system, as well as the addition of honey and lime blossom infusion, vodka has the softest taste with a pleasant sweet flavor.


The aroma of vodka felt notes of linden and honey.


Vodka perfectly with the royally-bag, fish soup with salmon or trout caviar, meat dishes, pancakes and pies. As appetizers perfect pickles.

Interesting Facts

Due to high quality vodka "Imperial" Gold premium gained popularity and numerous awards both in Russia and abroad. Among them: the gold medal of the international exhibition "Prodexpo" in 2005, the Grand Prix "Prodexpo" in 2006-2007, a gold medal at the "Moscow Wine and Spirit Competition" and a silver medal at the "United Vodka" in 2005, as well as many others.

In the production of vodka "Imperial" Gold uses a unique recipe, recreated the archives since Peter the Great. In the production of vodka "Imperial" Gold is used specially treated water of Lake Ladoga. Modern technology allows to improve the organoleptic properties of water and at the same time maintain its natural strength. Vodka "Royal Gold" make an alcohol-based class "luxury" and it, in turn, get the best durum wheat. Additional flavors give vodka infusion of lime blossom and lime honey. The cleaning system includes 12 stages of vodka and additionally passes through filters, sewn with gold thread, thereby enriched with ions of 24-karat gold and has a slight rejuvenating effect.
Because branded bottles "of the Royal Collection" are made of cosmetic glass vodka retains its original flavor throughout the storage period, without entering into chemical reactions. And the original corporate design, decoration of gold the highest standard and the use of state of heraldic symbols allow adequately emphasize the quality of the content.
In 2006, the vodka "Tsar" Gold received an official drink of the summit of the "Big Eight" in Strelna.

Holding "Ladoga" was founded in 1995. Today, the company - one of the largest players in the Russian alcohol market. Plant for the production of a variety of alcoholic beverages is located in St. Petersburg, its capacity is 3 million decaliters a year. The products are sold not only in Russia, but also exported to 20 countries. The best vodka brands of vodka became "royal", "Imperial", "Tsarskoye Selo".

The 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg was timed release of a new brand of vodka from "Ladoga" - "Imperial" original. It was created specifically to supply the official events dedicated to this date. Today, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy its unusually mild flavor.
A little later, the company's technology "Ladoga" recreated the ancient recipe of vodka, followed in the era of Peter I. Thus was born the light vodka "Tsar" Gold.

Producer's description

The company "Ladoga" started its activity in 1995 as a sales firm, but already in 1998, "Ladoga" starts its own production of alcoholic beverage products. Gradually from a small company "Ladoga" has grown into a diversified holding, having in its composition of several companies. Today the company is among the ten largest Russian producers of alcoholic beverages. Industrial complex, equipped with the latest high-tech European equipment allows holding to produce a wide range of quality products, including the order of a hundred names. Products "Ladoga" is exported to over 30 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, the UK, the CIS countries, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The company also produces private labels by order of foreign companies, such as companies from the US and the UK.

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