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Interesting Facts

"Blink" Wine Chiller for a few minutes to cope with a chilled bottle of this drink. "Blink" - modern and stylish alternative to traditional ice bucket, patented by Canadian company Trudeau and perfectly adapts to any kinds of bottles. The package includes two bucket cooling element supporting a uniform temperature of the wine. For their extraction should Okrut bottom of a bucket.

Pails for cooling "Blink" is equally well suited for both conventional bottle of wine and champagne, and liter containers. Tight fit and temperature preservation ensures an automatic closing system. She hugs the neck and opens automatically, if you pull up the bottle. The apparent advantage of the product is no need for water or ice. To prepare the bucket, the cooling elements should be put in the freezer, then set them back to the device.

Producer's description

Canadian Corporation "Trudeau" - a leader in design and manufacture of products for the home. It was founded in 1889 in the city of Boucherville, Quebec. Since then it gave way to 4 generations of owners, but remains unchanged recognizable style and quality "work". Throughout its history, the company has earned the image of an innovative producer, involved in the design of products the best designers and specialists.

"Work" Design has become easily recognizable by a combination of simple yet elegant forms, as well as high quality components. The company has offices in the USA, Spain, the Netherlands and China, as well as trades worldwide.


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