Sparkling wine Tosti, Pink Moscato

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Reviews of purchase Tosti, Pink Moscato

Tasting Notes


Wine brilliant, light straw color with yellow highlights.


Sweet, balanced, harmonious, soft and lively flavor of the wine shows light fruity shades.


Pleasant, gentle, refined and refreshing aroma of the wine is woven from fruit and nuances of ripe grapes.


Wine perfectly suited as an aperitif. Has a wide range of gastronomic combinations. Particularly well in the company of appetizers and fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Tosti Moscato - sweet white sparkling wine created from Moscato Bianco grapes. The vines grow in the sub-region of Asti, in the area of ​​Canelli. When you create a wine using the method of natural fermentation in closed stainless steel tanks under strictly controlled temperature. This is a harmonious, pleasant, refreshing wine with a delicate, subtle aroma, characteristic for wines from grapes Moscato and light, sweet fruity taste.

The story of "Tosti," begins with 1527, when a lone warrior pehoninets, returning from Rome, was in the area of Canelli, which is located in the modern district of Asti, Piedmont. The soldier was fascinated by the beauty of this place so much that forever left his sword and began to cultivate the land in the future by teaching it to their children and grandchildren. In 1820, according to official records, it was founded by the descendants of the wine business from John Bosco (this is the original name of "Tosti").
In the second half of the 19th century the family creates its first sparkling wine. Half a century later, to gain experience and learn new technologies, the company starts trading bottled wine, selling it, mainly in the border areas of France. Since 1925, "John Bosco" begins to produce vermouth, actively exporting their products in Somalia and Ethiopia. In 1950, the winery is equipped with fully automatic filling, continuing to expand the scope of export wines.
In the 50s of the 20th century was coined a new name "Tosti", which is being implemented in order to support the main brand "Bosca" and was greeted by the market with tremendous success. In the late 70s, the company opened another plant in Canelli, and in 1999, they developed a unique, branded bottle with stylish "droplet-notch", located on the label. This innovation created a furore in the world of wine and again emphasized the unique character of the winery "Tosti".
Like 500 years ago, today the company is based in Canelli area where picturesque vineyards are covered with low hills, charming for its scenery every visitor, as once captured a lone warrior, who started as a large wine companies.


  • Color depth: moderate
  • Body/Saturation: lung
  • Serving temperature: 6-8°C
  • Website:
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