Rum Tobacco Silver Premium, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Rum crystal-clear, transparent color.


Very soft, rich taste of the drink is filled with tones of coconut and sugar cane. Pleasant, warming aftertaste permeated subtle sweetness.


Rum has a slim, light aroma.


This rum - the perfect base for classic and refreshing cocktails. Also it is used in a pure form with ice.

Interesting Facts

"Silver Premium" - bright, "silver" rum, created by old classic "hot" technology. By pressing under strong pressure extracted from sugar cane juice, which is then fermented and distiliruetsya. The whole process of the birth of the novel takes place in the Antilles. Then drink smuggled into Spain, where brought to the classic fortress and bottled.

Company History "Antonio Nadal" begins in the late 19th century on the island of Mallorca, when Don Antonio Nadal Mutaner opens a tiny company and begins to engage in the creation of original alcoholic beverages. His masterpieces - Spanish absinthe "Tunel" and Cuban national drink made from sugar cane. The company has actively developed, but still it failed to acquire fame and increase production capacity to create more than 60,000 liters of alcohol per year. However, the case of Antonio successfully continued by his descendants, being able to recreate the recipe to make drinks and a few successful brands. Tradition - an integral part of the company's philosophy. In bunyolskoy distilerii, in the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana to date for heating use only wood. At the same time, do not remain without attention and modern trends, for example, regularly updated design of the bottle. Now adorns the label rum drawing Bering Komparini - artist originally from Chile. The original is in the main office "Antonio Nadal". In 1986 the company was acquired by the family of the Seas Garo. The new owners have upgraded and expanded the production capacity of the staff, but have managed to maintain a reverent attitude to tradition. By 2003, production volumes increased to 5 million liters per year. To date, the company's product line includes more than 100 kinds of drinks, which are exported to 20 countries.


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