Beer "Timmermans" Faro Lambicus, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase "Timmermans" Faro Lambicus, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Amber-colored beer with a big white and creamy froth.


Refreshing, dry taste of beer filled with sweet and sour apple flavor and hints of white bread, round and tight finish. The finish is long and pleasant.


Sweet-tangy fruity aroma of beer filled with notes of apple cider, oak, minerals and spices.


Beer well as an aperitif, goes well with desserts.

Interesting Facts

Lambics under the brand name "Timmermans" preserve the tradition of the production of this great drink for 300 years and is the oldest in the world the fruit of Belgian beers. This unique beer is brewed on the basis of 30% of wheat by spontaneous fermentation in an old brewery, located in the valley of the Senne. They say that there is a special air, so the true lambic is brewed only within a radius of 15 km from Brussels, in the area known as Pajottenland.

"Timmermans" Faro Lambicus - traditional wheat beer spontaneous fermentation with the addition of apple juice (15.7%) and caramel sweets. Faro beer was the most popular drink in the vicinity of Brussels in the XIX century. With him were associated with different traditions, it abundantly consumed and enjoyed a relatively neutral, but very pleasant taste, harmoniously combines the fruity sweetness, tartness of lambic and malic acidity. Today, "Timmermans" Faro is still brewed using the old methods and recipes.

Brewery John Martin, founded in 1909, is named after its creator - Englishman John Martin, who in 1909 moved to Belgium in Antwerp. At first, Martin delivers lemonades and Schweppes Indien Tonic and import of English beer. In 1912 he became the official importer of Guinness and Bass Pale Ale. In parallel, John is developing its own product - "Gordon" Scotch Ale and continues to work on other ales. This style will be a priority for the company. In 1950, Martin released the famous "Bulldog" Pale Ale, which after the death of Martin's sons renamed "Martin's" Pale Ale .

In 1955, John buys and restores the Chateau du Lac in Genval, in which children and grandchildren Martin will open 5-star hotel that will be the beginning of large areas of hotel business. The heirs of John Martin greatly expanded and developed the company by acquiring a number of brands and breweries. One of the major shopping has become a brewery "Timmermans", known since 1888. Brewery John Martin is constantly evolving, with carefully preserving the ancient secrets of brewing and beer making tradition of natural products. Today, the brewery successfully manages grandson John - Anthony Martin.


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