Cognac Tiflisi Marani, "Tiflis" 10 Years, in tube, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Tiflisi Marani, "Tiflis" 10 Years, in tube, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac amber.


In cognac soft, full, harmonious taste with a pleasant, rich and long finish.


The aroma of cognac tones appear spices, vanilla and hints of chocolate and apples.


Cognac is used as a digestive.

Interesting Facts

Cognac "Tiflis" 10-year-old created specially for Ukraine from Georgian grape varieties Rkatsiteli and Tsitska. The grapes for this Cognac is collected in the regions Gurdzhuani, Kvareli (Eastern Georgia) and Sachkhere (Western Georgia). In the manufacture of beverage used for the production of classic cognac technology. Cognac is aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years.

Georgian wine company "Tiflisi Marani" was founded in the second half of the XIX century and has long been a supplier of the Russian Imperial Court. In 2002, a group of entrepreneurs, continuing the tradition of hereditary winemakers Georgia, revive the company. Today OOO "Tiflisi Marani" in the production of cognac uses the latest equipment. Georgian brandy are very diverse and each region has its own specific features. This is affected by the variety and quality of the grapes, soil and climate, as well - is used in production technology. A special role, in addition to the terroir, play high-quality grapes. All these conditions provide a high level of cognacs and great variety. Also, the quality of cognac, produced in Georgia is very closely related to the specific properties of the Georgian mountain oak from which the barrels for aging. It is in this wood soaked all Cognacs, which are part of brandy company "Tiflisi Marani".
In our store you can buy cognac Tiflisi Marani, "Tiflis" 10 Years, in tube, 0.5 L, price Tiflisi Marani, "Tiflis" 10 Years, in tube, 0.5 L — 1 113 rub.. Producer cognac Tiflisi Marani. Delivery Tiflisi Marani, "Tiflis" 10 Years, in tube, 0.5 L.