Cognac Tiffon, "Extra", gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac beautiful amber color.


Deep, elegant taste of cognac reveals tones of dried apricots and ripe plum framed notes of spices, nuts and oak.


The rich bouquet of fruit aromas on the background appear shades of wood and rancio.


Being an excellent digestif, cognac blends perfectly with a cigar and a freshly brewed coffee.

Interesting Facts

Exquisite vintage cognacs "Extra" is the pride of the cognac house Tiffon and represents a unique assemblage of carefully selected cognac collected by three generations of the family Tiffon. Richard Braastad spent on the creation of a drink for about 10 years, and cognac "Extra" was a reflection of the talent, skill and experience of the acclaimed master of blending. This luxurious, high-quality drink with a sophisticated, complex aroma and rich flavor with hints of fruit, nuts, spices and rancio finish notes of oak and satisfy the highest demands and are not indifferent to the true connoisseur of cognac art. A gift box, designed specifically for this cognac is worthy design Tiffon, Extra and subtly emphasizes his age and nobility.

"Brandy House Tiffon" (Cognac Tiffon SA) - the largest family business in the region of Cognac - was founded in 1875 Mederikom Tiffonom in Jarnac, located on the banks of the Charente River in the heart of the region. In 1913, the granddaughter of the founder - Edith Russo-Tiffon - married a Norwegian Sverre Braastad, who at 20 years of age moved to Jarnac, where his uncle, Halfdan Braastad, worked as a financial manager in "Cognac Bisquit". Sverre Braastad worked there as a sales representative. After World War Sverre leaves "Cognac Bisquit" to open a family business producing cognac. In 1919 he records "Cognac Tiffon SA". In 1946, Sverre buys Chateau de Triac, where justified with his wife and eight children. Until the last days (Sverre lived 100 years and died in 1979), Braastad management company and passed accumulated over many years of experience to their children and grandchildren.

Today the House Tiffon owns 100 hectares of vineyards in the areas of Grande Champagne and Fins Bois, which are grown white grape variety - Ugni Blanc (95%), Colombard (4%) and Folle Blanche (1%). Own Distilleries located in Jarnac and Chateau de Triac, can handle alcohol in 500 hectoliters of wine per day. In addition to its own grapes, raw materials, which are purchased from local growers. In the cellars of cognac house Tiffon are 15,000 barrels with a capacity of 350 liters, made of French oak and Limousin Tronkays. This number aged cognac enough to produce twenty million bottles of cognac.


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