"The Famous Grouse" Finest, gift box with 2 glasses


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of whiskey and two glasses
The volume of the bottle: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: white

The Famous Grouse Finest is exactly the hood, which, thanks to the combination of reasonable price and high quality, has won the love and recognition as a native of Scotland, and in many other countries around the world.
Famous Grouse whiskey Faynest prepared by mixing fine single malts such as, for example, The Macallan and Highland Park, with exceptional grain whiskeys. The resulting mixture is aged in oak barrels for a much longer time than other blended whiskey.
Winning Scottish whiskey Famous Grouse Faynest with rich aroma, combining shades of oak and light notes of citrus and light beverages taste with rich tones of dried fruit and a slightly dry finish is recommended to enjoy in pure form.

Brand name "Famous Grouse" is derived from the red-legged partridge (Red Grouse), which is the national symbol of Scotland. Initially, in 1896, whiskey and called it "Red Grouse," but soon the drink has won such great popularity that it began to dignify only as "Famous Grouse", ie "The famous Partridge".



Grocer and wine merchant Gloeg Matthew (Mathew Gloag), who lived in Perth, Scotland, in 1800, founded the company Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd. He was selling whiskey to be purchased and delivered to the distilleries of Scotland. In 1842, after the visit of Queen Victoria to Perth, he was asked to supply wine for royal banquets. His business became a family affair. In 1860, his son begins to produce blended whiskey, and in 1896 was created the brand "The Grouse", a label which was drawn daughter nephew of the founder of the company. In 1970, the family business was bought by a Scottish company "Highland Distillers".
Since 1980, "The Famous Grouse" is a leading manufacturer of blended whiskey in Scotland. In 1984, "Famous Grouse" gets official status of whiskey supplied to the table of the British Queen. More than 2 million bottles of this magnificent whiskey sold annually.



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