Whisky The Antiquary 1977, wooden box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase The Antiquary 1977, wooden box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whisky a rich amber color.


The taste of whiskey and a full bodied, rounded, with bright notes of dark chocolate and citrus, with delicate nuances of spice, black currant, cardamom. The finish is full and lingering, with hints of peat and oak.


The aroma of whiskey sweet, smooth and mellow, with citrus, herbal notes and hints of marshmallows, molasses and toffee.


Whiskey is perfect as an aperitif and digestif.

Interesting Facts

The range of whiskey "antiquary" got its name in honor of the novel by Sir Walter Scott. "Antiquaries 1977" - a rare scotch whiskey, released a limited number of bottles in 1148 for the 150th anniversary of the creators of the brand - the brothers John and William Hardy. The Hardy Boys have developed an original recipe of whiskey back in the 1850s, with the goal of creating the perfect blend of malt and grain. Recipe includes 55% and 45% malted grain whiskey, wherein malt - predominantly Speyside region. The mixture was maintained in American and European oak casks for 30 years and has not been cold filtration. The traditional shape of the bottle and the label in the old style emphasize the historical significance and pay tribute to the heritage of the famous brand.

Whiskey Antiquary made ​​on Distillery Tomatin, which was built in 1897 in the mountains Monadhliath, just south of Inverness, the capital of Highlands of Scotland. Tomatin is one of the highest distilleries in Scotland, because it is located at an altitude of 315 meters above sea level. Soft and clean water of the river Alt-na-Frith, which flows through the mountains Monadhliath, helping to create a whiskey with a delicate flavor, rich and soft style.
Tomatin among the ten best distilleries in Scotland. Today, the plant produces 2 million liters of alcohol a year, although production capacities allow to produce 12 million liters, as it was in the 70s of XX century. Historically, Tomatin was producing malt for companies that are engaged in the manufacture of whiskey blends, but now the company is focused on creating high-quality single malt whiskey. The product line consists of 12, 18, 25, 30 and 40-year-old whiskey and some numbered vintages. Tomatin is also one of the few plants in Scotland, which has retained its cooperage.

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