Tenuta San Leonardo, Grappa Stravecchia, gift box, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Tenuta San Leonardo, Grappa Stravecchia, gift box, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Grappa brilliant golden-amber color.


We grappa pleasant bitter-sweet taste with a good finish.


Grappa has a complex aromatic bouquet of vanilla, honey and ripe apples and pineapple, chocolate, licorice, tobacco and dried figs.


Grappa well served as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Tenuta San Leonardo, Grappa Stravecchia - excellent seasoned grappa characteristic golden-amber color. Graceful, elegant, with subtle aroma and pleasant bitter-sweet taste. Grappa Stravecchia recommended to consume at a temperature 16-18 ° C, in order to really enjoy a true masterpiece of sunny Italy, released in limited quantities. Grappa produced in the traditional way from fresh grape marc, carefully selected master distillyarii Bruno Franceschini. After the final fermentation pomace distilled. The resultant product contains a high amount of alcohol - 75%, so Grappa diluted with distilled water to the desired alcohol content. Then the drink is cooled to 10 ° C and filtered after 48 hours. Grappa Stravecchia kept in oak barrels (barriques), which has been previously stored in the main wine farm - San Leonardo.

Tenuta San Leonardo - known in Italy winery. Located in the picturesque, fabulously beautiful place. There married the daughter of the King of Bavaria and Princess Teodolinda King of Lombardy Authari in 588 AD On the estate built a monastery, named after the patron of all prisoners - St. Leonardo. Monks in 1215 began to cultivate grapes here and engaged in agricultural and economic activities. From the 18th century the estate was owned by Marquis Guerrieri Gonzaga. The total area is 25 hectares of vineyards, the location - the gentle slope of 150-200 meters above sea level. Soil rich in gravel and sand, ideal for the cultivation of grapes to create delicious wines. Since 2002, the chief oenologist Tenuta San Leonardo is Carlo Ferrini. At present, the winery is rightly famous for its outstanding wines, has earned high accolades from professional critics and have received worldwide recognition.


  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Website: http://www.sanleonardo.it
  • Class: Very Old
  • Type: Poly-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot
  • Cask type: Oak Casks
  • Exposure: 5 years


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