ООО "Бутик Вайнстайл", TIN:7713790026, license: 77РПА0010390 from 05.11.2014
Moscow, Leninsky prospekt, d.52
ООО "Ритейл Вайнстайл", TIN:7716816628, license: 77РПА0012148 from 26.04.2016
Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, d.72, 1st floor, room IVа, 1-5
ООО "Стор Вайнстайл", TIN: 9717017438, license: 77РПА0012229 from 08.06.2016
Moscow, Lyusinovskaya, d.53, 1st floor, room VI
ООО "Ред Вайнстайл", TIN: 9717049616, license: 77РПА0012971 from 23.03.2017
Moscow, shosse Entuziastov, d.74/2, 1st floor, room V
ООО "Грин Вайнстайл", TIN: 9718061246, license: 77РПА0013267 from 04.08.2017
Moscow, st. Staraya Basmannaya, d.25, str.1, 1st floor, room 1, 1-9
ООО "Найс Вайнстайл", TIN: 7716856204, license: 77РПА0013269 from 04.08.2017
Moscow, st.Sadovaya-Suharevskaya, d.13/15, ground floor, room VII, 1-3
ООО "Роуз Вайнстайл", TIN: 9718046294, license: 77РПА0013315 from 24.08.2017
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Reviews of purchase Talisker 18 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey amber-gold color.


Whisky has a sweet, well-balanced taste with a hint of smoke, tar, iris, with a long, pleasant aftertaste.


Whiskey has a rich fruity aroma with hints of plum, dried orange peel, light tones of smoke and toffee.


Fine whiskey is drunk neat, as well as the addition of a small amount of water. Talisker well with smoked salmon, salmon, mackerel and oysters.

Interesting Facts

Talisker 18 Years Old - this is an excellent single malt whiskey, which is aged in barrels for 18 years. Whisky Talisker 18-year-old in 2007 awarded the title of "world's best whiskey» World Whiskies Awards, and also scored high scores: 9.5 / 10 - Martine Nouet, Whisky Magazine, 93 - Malt Advocate, 9/10 - David Broom, Whisky Magazine .

Distillery Talisker Distillery was built by brothers MakAskilami in 1830, it is the only distillery on the island of Sky. Several times Talisker distillery was rebuilt, but still follows its tradition, the distillery has original stills U-shaped coils are used for cooling, which is a rarity in Scotland. For the production of whiskey used the local malt and water at the hill Cnoc-nan-Speireag, so drink acquires unique characteristics, it is rich in phenols and brackish peat aroma. Talisker - one of the great whiskey island character. Talisker is also used to create famous blends.
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