Liqueur Takovo, "Viljamovka", 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Takovo, "Viljamovka", 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Liquor pale amber color.


Liquor has a rich, memorable taste with hints of pear and long aftertaste.


Liquor has a fruity aroma with a unique pear notes.


The drink is excellent as an aperitif or digestif with ice and a slice of pear traditionally.

Interesting Facts

"Viljamovka" - a strong alcoholic drink, which is also called pear brandy. It is made from yellow pear Williams (Viljamovka), known for its rich aroma and sweet juicy taste, with no added artificial colors and flavors. In production are pears, slightly dried for 2-4 weeks to increase the sugar content and flavor. Slow fermentation process at a temperature of 18 ° C is terminated immediately by distillation. The rate at this stage is very important and influences the flavor preservation. The distillate contains many aromatic oils and because this is a little turbid, and after dilution with distilled water to the desired filtering is carried fortress. Maturation drink for 6-8 weeks is held in stainless steel tanks (sometimes - in glass containers) at room temperature with little oxygen. Vinification process is intended to preserve the best varietal characteristics of Williams pears, especially its exceptional flavor.

This is the agro-industrial complex was founded in 1962 in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac, 120 km south of Belgrade. This huge concern is the leader in the production of food. It occupies 800,000 square meters. meters of land and produces a wide range of products: alcoholic drinks, juices, sweets, canned vegetables and more. All products are certified by the group. Alcoholic beverages are a significant part of the range is as follows. The most important brands are "Viljamovka" and "Baltic Vodka". Based on recent market research, alcoholic beverages Such retain third place in the domestic market.


In our store you can buy liqueur Takovo, "Viljamovka", 0.7 L, price Takovo, "Viljamovka", 0.7 L — 2 699 rub.. Producer liqueur Takovo. Delivery Takovo, "Viljamovka", 0.7 L.