Beer Svyturys, "Ekstra Draught", 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Svyturys, "Ekstra Draught", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer gold.


Taste of beer soft bread, with a delicate hop bitterness, mild sweetness, hints of spice and slightly fruity finish.


Delicate aroma of beer filled with hints of malt nuances of minerals, crops and vanilla.


Beer goes well with white meat (chicken, pork), cheeses, salads, snacks, dried and smoked meat.

Interesting Facts

Svyturys, "Ekstra Draught" - the legendary beer-class "super-premium" collection of traditional "Svyturio", which is the first in the segment of unpasteurized draft beer in Lithuania. Beer is produced using a unique technology and has a beautiful golden color, thick froth, fragrant bouquet and harmonious living style.

Brewery "Svyturys" ("Lighthouse") was founded in 1784 came from the honorable German merchant family Johann Wilhelm Reinke. On the family coat of arms was depicted Reincke eagle - a symbol of brave explorers. This symbol became the emblem of a new brewery and it is to this day. After the merger with its only direct competitor - brewery Theodor Preuss, the plant became the uncontested leader of brewing on the coast. This is evidenced by the national recognition and high awards won at various competitions.

Interestingly, in the prewar period the plant manager was a Dutch Consul in Klaipeda William Falk, who greatly expanded the brewery, built a new modern building and to start production of new varieties of beer - light caramel, porter and Bavarian Bock.

Immediately after World War II the brewery "Svyturys" restored its work, but produced only draft beer, which was distributed in bars Klaipeda region. In 1950, due to increased demand for beer, the company has been equipped with a bottling line.

In 1965, specialists "Lighthouse" was developed beer "Baltijos" , which has become the flagship of the brewery. In 1973, the "Lighthouse" was one of the first factories in Lithuania for the production of pasteurized beer. After the restoration of Lithuania's independence, "Lighthouse" was reorganized into a joint stock company.

1999 a controlling stake in the company acquired the Danish group "Carlsberg Group". Experience new partners allowed "Svyturys" improve in many areas - from increased production capacity and upgrade to the training and development of new products. In December 2001, the "Lighthouse" was combined with a major Lithuanian brewery "Utenos" and reorganized the company "Svyturys-Utenos alus".


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