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Reviews of purchase Strathisla 30 yo, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Color whiskey dark gold.


The taste of whiskey with notes of smoke and sherry with hints of earth, leaves and moss.


The aroma of whiskey felt sherry, dried fruit, roasted barley, notes of leather and honey.


Whiskey "Stratayla" is especially good in combination with a cigar. Lovely digestif.

Interesting Facts

Strathisla - the oldest distillery in the north of Scotland, the central link of the so-called "malt whiskey trail" Speyside. It started life in 1786 and never interrupt the production process. The distillery is located in Keith on the River Isla. According to the chronicles, the production of heather ale local monks refers to 1208. Later, in the XVIII century, was built a distillery Milton (formerly known as Stratayla), obviously, for the same reasons: the area with good crops of barley, with easy access to local sources with transparent waters. Benedictine monks called source "light pricked" and believed that it is guarded by water spirits. Before bottling carried malt extract distillate Kentucky barrels from the "vintage" bourbons. Further, the company's specialists Gordon & McPhail poured whiskey bottles at the time of reaching the best possible taste. Gordon & MacPhail is the oldest and most respected by the vendor whiskey. The high status of Gordon and McPhail confirmed the status of "Official supplier of single malt and blended Scotch whiskey" to the European Parliament in Brussels and Luxembourg. In addition, the official consumer Gordon and McPhail are Royal British Parliament in London and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Today the collection of Gordon & MacPhail whiskey is one of the largest in the world. Some whiskeys are aged over 50 years.

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