Whisky Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, 2004, 0.75 L

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Reviews of purchase Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, 2004, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey deep amber color.


The taste of whiskey rich, with powerful notes of oak wood, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, honey, orange peel and malt. Present sweetness is replaced by dry finish, and come to the fore charred wood shades. This gives an additional bitterness is compounded by hints of bitter grains, spices and caramel.


The aroma of whiskey intense and complex, the basic nuances - vanilla and oak - gradually merge with sweet malt and fruit, pronounced notes of pear, apple and citrus. All this is supported by intensive spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and hints of coal smoke, absorbed, probably as a result of maturation in charred barrels.


Whiskey is a great digestif, goes well with a strong cigar, natural coffee.

Interesting Facts

Young plant "Stranans", located in Colorado, was founded in 2004 by Jesse Graber, George Strananom and Jake Norris. The history of this unusual partnership. Professional firefighter, Jess Graber participated in the fire extinguishing farm of his neighbor - Country of George, one of the founders of the brewery "Flying Dog", a great connoisseur of liquor. Conversations, the men discovered a common passion for whiskey and decided to set up a distillery in Denver, inviting a companion Jake Norris. They have developed a smooth drinking whiskey recipe, the ingredients for which are born in the pure mountain landscape - barley is grown in the northern Rocky Mountains, water is taken from clear mountain streams. Whiskey "Stranans" is a unique product for the American market. American whiskeys consisting usually contains mashed corn, barley malt, wheat or rye. Very few large companies produce single malt whiskey.
After the double distillation, Stranahan's whiskey is aged in charred barrels of American white oak for at least two years. In conditions of high temperature dry desert plains, these two years are about four years at other plants. For protection from heat and evaporation of whiskey, a mile-high racks that store barrels, moisturize. The unusual design of racks Jess Graber has a patent. Also, the plant "Stranans" first obtained a license for distilling whiskey in Colorado. Each bottle is numbered released, it is attached tag, which indicates - that the distiller did during bottling, for example - what kind of music listening.

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