Beer Stortebeker, Pilsener, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Stortebeker, Pilsener, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer bright straw color.


Beer taste slightly sweet in the beginning, refreshing, smooth, sparkling, with hints of hops, grain, grass, apricot, spicy lingering aftertaste.


The aroma of beer felt herbal, floral, hop and woody notes.


Beer goes well with appetizers, salads, fresh fish.

Interesting Facts

Shtёrtebeker, Pilsner - Beer light straw color in the north of Germany, which has zhivim character and slightly bitter in taste. Beer brewed from barley malt in accordance with the Law on purity of brewing, contains a lot of carbonic acid. Cold fermentation with yeast allows for carbonated refreshing and smooth taste. From 2004 to 2008, five times in a row won the gold medal in its category.

German brewery Stralsunder, founded in 1827 in Stralsund, closely linked to the Hanseatic League, in connection with which she produced beer and came to be called - "Hanseatic" beer. Hanseatic League - an alliance of the merchants of the cities located in the pool area of ​​the North Sea and Baltic Sea, founded in 1356 in order to protect trade and merchants from the power of the feudal lords and piracy. In the Union at different times included more than 200 cities, among them Hamburg, Brandenburg, Lübeck, Berlin and Stralsund.

Beer Shtralzunder was very popular and, thanks to the high quality standard of the Hanseatic considered brewing. Beer was even exported to Denmark, Norway and sends special courts in England. The building survived the brewery during the Great Patriotic War, but in connection with the dismantling of the equipment for repair, as well as pressure the socialist planned economy of the GDR beer quality has deteriorated significantly. The situation changed only in the late XX century, when the brewery passed into private hands Nordmann House (Haus Nordmann). In 2010, the brewery was significantly rebuilt. Today the plant is brewed beers large assortment of high quality, based on the old Hanseatic tradition of brewing.

In 2011, the brewery was renamed Stortebeker BrauManufaktur after the famous historical character - Klaus Shtertebekera, pirate of the XIV century, which is famous for having robbed the rich and gave the ship the loot to the poor.


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