Beer "Starobrno" Lezak, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Starobrno" Lezak, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer light amber color.


Very beverage, refreshing, rich taste of beer combines tones of malt, notes of bread, butter, citrus, flowers, hay and a bright hop bitterness.


Beer taste fragrant hints of hops, citrus, sweetish malt flavor.


Beer goes well with curries, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Asian food, cheeses, pork and sausages.

Interesting Facts

"Starobrno" Lezak - traditional light unpasteurised Czech beer, which for several centuries a symbol of the Moravian art of brewing. Beer different saturated golden-amber color and bright hop bitterness in the taste. For beer production uses only natural high quality ingredients. Water is extracted from underground wells located in an ecologically clean Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Malt is created from spring barley grown on the fertile lands of Moravia. Aromatic hops grown in Zatec. Yeast, significantly affect the taste and aroma of beer produced at the brewery.

Light beer "Starobrno" has in its kitty numerous awards. Last received in 2012, became the gold medal of the prestigious contest "World Beer Cup".

In 1243 King Wenceslas I gave the city of Brno number of royal privileges, including - permission to brew beer. In 1323, Queen Elizabeth Rejčka (Eliska Rejcka) organized in Old Brno Cistercian monastery, which was brewed beer. The brewery was independent of the City Council, led her burger Moritz, but the quality of beer was under the strict control of the city council. During the Hussite wars the monastery and brewery repeatedly burned and destroyed, but every time I recovered and continued to work. In 1782, by decision of the Emperor Joseph II, the monastery was closed and its property was transferred to the Abbey of St. Thomas. Does the brewery from 1782 to 1825 - is unknown.

At the end of the XVIII century in Brno came the man now called the pioneer of Czech and Moravian brewing - Frantisek Ondrej Poupe. He took up the restoration of the brewery. The next owners of the brewery - Joseph Mandel and his son Herrmann Hayek - in 1872 for the construction of the brewery implemented a new, modern building. The brewery became known Starobrnenske pivovar, and beer - "Starobrnenske".

Before World War I the brewery Starobrno cooked a large range of varieties - light and dark lagers, strong lager and porter even. In addition to traditional varieties produced fourteen degree "Baron Trenck" beer and schnapps "Bier Brand". Today Starobrno produces six regular beers and two seasonal. The turnover of the brewery is more than one million hectoliters of beer per year.


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