Beer "StaroPrazske" Lager, 0.5 L

ООО "Бутик Вайнстайл", TIN:7713790026, license: 77РПА0010390 from 05.11.2014
Moscow, Leninsky prospekt, d.52
ООО "Ритейл Вайнстайл", TIN:7716816628, license: 77РПА0012148 from 26.04.2016
Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, d.72, 1st floor, room IVа, 1-5
ООО "Стор Вайнстайл", TIN: 9717017438, license: 77РПА0012229 from 08.06.2016
Moscow, Lyusinovskaya, d.53, 1st floor, room VI
ООО "Ред Вайнстайл", TIN: 9717049616, license: 77РПА0012971 from 23.03.2017
Moscow, shosse Entuziastov, d.74/2, 1st floor, room V
ООО "Грин Вайнстайл", TIN: 9718061246, license: 77РПА0013267 from 04.08.2017
Moscow, st. Staraya Basmannaya, d.25, str.1, 1st floor, room 1, 1-9
ООО "Найс Вайнстайл", TIN: 7716856204, license: 77РПА0013269 from 04.08.2017
Moscow, st.Sadovaya-Suharevskaya, d.13/15, ground floor, room VII, 1-3
ООО "Роуз Вайнстайл", TIN: 9718046294, license: 77РПА0013315 from 24.08.2017
Moscow, prospekt Mira, d.70, 1st floor, room № IV, 1-4
ООО "Вайнстайл", TIN: 7715808800, license: 77РПА0010437 from 14.11.2014
Moscow, Skladochnaya ul., d.1, str.1
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Reviews of purchase "StaroPrazske" Lager, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden color with amber reflections.


Beer has a classic taste with traditional hop bitterness and pleasant malty undertones.


Filled with the aroma of beer hops and malt tones, nuances of fruit and bread.


Beer goes well with meat dishes, sausages, snacks, salads, shellfish and fish.

Interesting Facts

Beer "Old Prague" is brewed according to ancient recipes in line with the Czech Purity Law. Beer is made according to the classic, but quite expensive technology open brewing and fermentation, which is carried out at a temperature of 6-8 degrees in an open container for 8-12 days. Next dobrazhivaetsya beer bottled beer in ancient tombs and a half to two and a half months. During this "lying" beer in the Czech Republic called "Anatomic".

"StaroPrazske" Lager
- exclusive light lager with a classic taste of the ancient Czech beer, having a subtle hop bitterness and malt notes. Beer is made from an ancient recipe of natural ingredients: hops, malt and water.

Beer under the name "Old Prague" is brewed on a small independent brewery Nova Paka, located in the eponymous Czech town. Judging from the archives, a brewery on the main square of the city already existed in the XIII century, so the modern brewery has a rich tradition and old recipes. Beer is brewed here only high quality materials: water from underground wells and ancient hop from the village of "Bohemian Paradise". Aged beer in ancient tombs beer for at least 10 weeks. 70% of beer is distributed in the domestic market, while 30% are exported to different countries - UK, USA, China, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Israel and even Australia.


  • Serving temperature: 4-7°С
  • Composition: Grain mix, Hop
  • Exposure: at least 10 weeks
  • Technology maturation: Bottle Conditioning
  • Fermentation temperature: 6-8°С
  • Density: 12%
  • Type of container: Bottle
  • Website:
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