Beer St. Peter's, Organic Ale, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase St. Peter's, Organic Ale, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer cloudy golden-yellow color, closer to the copper.


Taste of beer alive, intense, smooth, fresh, combining a good balance of malt and hop tones, some mineral and citrus notes. The finish is lingering, creamy, bitter.


Pleasant fragrance combines notes of beer pale malt and hop and citrus shades of earth.


Beer goes well with Indian, Mediterranean, Oriental cuisine, cheeses, fish, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

Organic Ale Brewery of St. Peter 'made from extracted from his own deep well at a depth of 300 feet of water, a variety of yeast own development, organic light barley malt and hops from Norfolk. The presence of organic ingredients allowed beer to be accredited by the British company "Soil Association", dedicated to the certification of organic food. In 1967, the association has developed the world's first organic certification. To date, "Soil Association" has certified more than 80% of organic products in the UK.

Clean, fresh, lightly carbonated, traditional English Organic El is the main prize of the "Soil Association" in 2002 and a silver medal in 2006.

When in 1996 John Murphy planned creation of the brewery, he chose the abandoned agricultural buildings, more than 30 years of standing idle. John rebuilt them installed stainless steel equipment, topped with copper, and opened the brewery St. Peter's, named after the town in which she is.

Feature of the building is its brewery open design that allows tourists and visitors to the brewery to see firsthand how beer is brewed. Murphy set out to produce a wide range of high-end beer. The main specialization of the brewery was the revival of the production of traditional English ale. Today, more than 80% of ale St. Peter's bottled, and the rest is produced in barrels.

In addition to the unique taste, ales from the brewery St Peters have another difference - a bottle of a special form. Its prototype was the American bottle, which in 1770 produced for Thomas Gerrard - the innkeeper from Gibbstown, near Philadelphia. Tavern Thomas stood on the bank of the river Delaware, on which regularly held various commercial vessels. On one of them a beer bottle and got to England, where after more than 200 years it has found John Murphy. Bottle made of thick glass and having a special oval shape with a short neck, became a kind of hallmark of St Peters Brewery.


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