Whisky Speymalt from Macallan, 1938, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Speymalt from Macallan, 1938, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey golden brown.


The taste of whiskey is incredibly soft, sophisticated, elegant, rich. Against the background of the main sweet notes of sherry, charred oak, molasses and Christmas cake develop subtle smoky nuances. In combination with water for the original tones of smoke and barrels of sherry notes appear cloves, roasted malt, resin and dried fruits. In the aftertaste noticeable nuances of sweet sherry, creamy toffee and molasses.


Very rich aroma of whiskey reveals tones of sherry, fruit for mulled wine, sweet toffee shades, nuances of honey and beeswax, cinnamon and anise. When combined with water in flavor to the fore notes of wood: teak oil, camphor, and the tone of sherry, spices, marmalade and citrus peel.


Culture drinking whiskey Speymolt requires special attention and be able to give real pleasure to its owner, to use it in accordance with the "Rules of five« S »: Sight, Smell, Swish, Swallow, Splash, or translated" Rules of five "P": see, smell, savor, swallow, throwing water. According to him, to begin with, you need to make a few circular motions with a glass of whiskey (and, it is best to use a glass tulip shape), then inhale the aromas, for which the exemption gourmets add a few drops of water, and only then sip. It is best to use whiskey, as well as good cognac, at room temperature, and in any case does not add the ice, as it will not fully reveal the aroma and taste of the beverage. Fragrant cigar is a pleasant addition to the noble glass of whiskey.

Interesting Facts

Known worldwide malt whiskey Speymolt made ​​on one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, named after the village of Macallan. Already in 1700 there were made whiskey, and in 1824 the factory was one of the first official license for the production of alcohol. During the XIX century Macallan several times passed from one owner to another, until in 1894 and was bought by Roderick Kemp. Under his leadership, the plant has been completely modernized, and through high quality products, sales of Macallan whiskey each year continues to grow

On a bottle of whiskey as a few decades ago, and today we can see a picture caught salmon, which is a testament to the originality of the beverage. Simple and elegant design Speymolt, 1938, executed in black and golden tones using silkscreen emphasizes the nobility of this very rare vintage whiskey and red ribbon symbolizes a long exposure for 65 years. Speymolt 1938 was made from the finest malt kiln dried traditional Scottish way - over the burning peat, so has specific smoky notes on the palate. Fortress of whiskey in 41.4% was achieved in a natural way in the process of aging in oak barrels of Spanish sherry, which is especially appreciated by connoisseurs.

In the glass of whiskey can retain its unique flavor characteristics for a very long time, so getting today collectible whiskey Speymolt 1938 20-30 or even 50 years, you can fully enjoy its original taste!
In our store you can buy whisky Speymalt from Macallan, 1938, 0.7 L, price Speymalt from Macallan, 1938, 0.7 L — 551 293 rub.. Producer whisky Gordon and MacPhail. Delivery Speymalt from Macallan, 1938, 0.7 L.