Vodka "Sivuha", 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Sivuha", 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


The drink is crystal-clear color.


Beverages, soft taste "booze" concludes pleasant bread aftertaste.


Vodka has a noble aroma of grain distillate.


"Sivukha" perfectly combined with all the dishes of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Unlike vodka, bring to the table it can not cooling.

Interesting Facts

According to the manufacturer, "Sivukha" is a reborn age-old Russian rye distillate. According to the concept, "Sivukha" - it's not vodka, it's more like a whiskey unseasoned. History unusual name has its roots in history: the fact that Polugar, Pennick, bread wine and other native Russian national drinks fusel oil is always present in such quantities that match them with whiskey, brandy and various other distillates, known in the world. Since the XVI to XIX century was not yet invented distillation of alcohol, so drink distilled rye bread wine. A fusel oil just refers specifically to "impurities distillation, naturally occurring". According to the manufacturer, check out the excellent quality and naturalness "booze" can be thoroughly rubbed in his hands drop drink and breathed his natural aroma of freshly baked rye bread.
The bottle design was developed brand-studio "Chart" under Dmitry Shemyakin. Sami bottles were produced in the French glass factory.

Company "Rodionov sons" led by Boris Rodionov known Russian connoisseurs of spirits in limited series of unusual distillates derived from rye and represents a qualitatively new category of alcoholic beverages, has not yet been present on the Russian market. Production of distillates combined title "Russian distiller" and is located in Poland. Russia has known several products of the brand - "Krivach", "Polugar Rye" and "Polugar malt". The latest addition to the company's portfolio is the brand "Sivukha."


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