"Single de Samalens" 8 Years Old, Bas Armagnac AOC, in tube, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Single de Samalens" 8 Years Old, Bas Armagnac AOC, in tube, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac sparkling light straw color.


Soft, velvety taste of Armagnac filled floral notes, supplemented nuances of licorice and spices. The aftertaste is surprisingly long.


Delicate aroma of Armagnac reveals hints of oak, vanilla, notes of sherry, rose petals and nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts.


Armagnac is the perfect digestif at the end of the meal, you can also serve it with coffee or cigars.

Interesting Facts

"Single de Samalens" - new project Samalens uniting cultures of the two drinks - whiskey and Armagnac. The bottle design is very similar to the classic bottle of single malt whiskey, and its contents reveals a new, modern style of Armagnac. "Single de Samalens" - odnosortovoy Armagnac, this fact brings him closer to the world of single-malt.

8-year-old Armagnac "Single de Samalens" is made ​​from Ugni Blanc grapes, grown on small, the best part of appellasona Bas Armagnac, called the Grand Bas Armagnac. Soils - sandy and clay-limestone. 20% alcohol for the Armagnac obtained by continuous distillation, passing in a special copper armanyakskom alambike, and 50% - rarely used method of double distillation, which is also "brings" a drink of whiskey. "Single de Samalens" is made without added sugar or caramel. For aging distillate is first placed in new barrels of black Gascon oak in which it grows, then the distillate is kept in old barrels for a deeper and more subtle taste of Armagnac. During exposure fortress is reduced to 40-45%.

Samalens House was founded in 1882 by Jean Samalensom, at the moment it is one of the oldest houses of Armagnac, and he still belongs to the family Samalens. The grandson of the company founder Pierre Samalens continues the family business as a Master Blender and the president of the company. The house is located in the town of Samalens Laujuzan (Lozhyuzan), surrounded by vineyards and oak trees, in the heart of the Bas Armagnac, which is born one of the best in the world of Armagnac. Excellent taste of Armagnac Samalens, its high quality and exquisite unique design decanters allowed to become a world-renowned brand and gain recognition among fans of the drink. Armagnac house differ clean and rich aroma, fullness and roundness, and a wide range of manufactured house that Armagnac is very large, many of them are old vintages.


  • Strength: 40%
  • Serving temperature: 20°С
  • Website: http://www.samalens.fr/
  • Class: VSOP
  • Cask type: Black Gascon Oak Casks
  • Grape varieties: Ugni Blanc
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Exposure: 8 years
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