Vodka Shochu "Iichiko", 720 ml

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Reviews of purchase Shochu "Iichiko", 720 ml

Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color c slight golden tinge.


Vodka has a very sophisticated, elegant, smooth and refreshing taste.


Vodka with a delicate aroma.


Vodka recommended drink neat or with the addition of hot or cold water. Also it can be used for preparation of cocktails and Japanese cuisine.

Interesting Facts

Shoji - traditional barley vodka with a long history, which is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan. Produced by unique Japanese technology from selected varieties of barley.

Process of preparation of vodka Shochu "Iichiko" begins with adding koji malt (genus mildew) in purified barley, which is converted to glucose, and then yeast is added, converting glucose into ethanol. To this the alcohol was added water to obtain the desired degree of alcohol. The drink does not require any additives, as thanks to Koji gets rich flavor and delicate aroma.

The word "Iichiko" in Japanese dialect means "number one." How to speak Japanese secret great taste "Iichiko" are just three important factors in the production - the main ingredient - carefully selected barley, crystal clear water extracted from underground river 300 meters deep, and fresh mountain air.

The company is based Sanwa Shurui September 5, 1958. Products under the brand Iichico appeared on the market in 1979 with the crown of the advertising phrase "Napoleon in the center." Mild taste and fruity flavor drinks immediately won the hearts of the set of buyers, and the company's products became the best brand Shoji in Japan and abroad.


In our store you can buy vodka Shochu "Iichiko", 720 ml, price Shochu "Iichiko", 720 ml — 1 147 rub.. Producer vodka Sanwa Shurui. Delivery Shochu "Iichiko", 720 ml.