Beer Schneider Weisse, "TAP 3" Mein Alkoholfreies, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Schneider Weisse, "TAP 3" Mein Alkoholfreies, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer orange-brown color.


The taste of beer is enough light, soft, sweet, with notes of bread yeast, hints of banana and clove, clean aftertaste.


The aroma of the beer is made of sweet wheat notes, shades of banana, vegetables, nuances of nuts, papaya, cloves.


Beer is used as an independent beverage to quench your thirst, it also goes well with Bavarian sausages, salad, bread of coarse rye flour with cream cheese, fruit bread, walnut cakes and pies, ham.

Interesting Facts

"TAP 3" Mein Alkoholfreies - refreshing, unfiltered and unpasteurized non-alcoholic beer. This wheat beer amber-brown color contains a lot of minerals, ideal thirst quencher on a hot summer day and after exercise. European non-alcoholic beer can contain up to 0.5% alcohol, the figure for "TPA 3" is equal to 0.14%.

Brewery G. Schneider & Sohn - the keeper of the ancient traditions of the manufacture of wheat beer - drink that from the time of Duke Maximilian I nearly 400 years was considered a privilege of the aristocracy and the upper class. For a long time in Germany the production of wheat beer was the exclusive right of the aristocratic family Degenberger Bogen. In 1856, Georg Schneider I bought from King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the exclusive right to manufacture wheat unfiltered beer, and produce it in a rented factory in Weissen Hofbrauhauses in 1855-1873 years.

In 1872, Schneider father with his son Georg Schneider II founded the G. Schneider & Sohn, buying one of the oldest breweries in Munich - Maderbrau, where it was first produced beer under the name Schneider Weisse. It was the first and the world's oldest registered trademark of wheat beer. Each successive generation of the family Schneider strengthen the brand Schneider Weisse.

By the outbreak of World War I, Schneider & Son became the largest brewery for the production of wheat beer in southern Germany. The postwar years were difficult for the brewing industry, as more than half of the Bavarian factories closed. But Schneider survived and even bought a few breweries in Munich, Straubing, as well as "Weisse Brauhaus" in Kelheim, where the production of Schneider Weisse move after the Second World War, during which the factory building of G. Schneider & Sohn will be destroyed by the bombing.

Nowadays brewery G. Schneider & Sohn led by Georg Schneider VI successfully combines tradition and innovation, consistently adhering to high quality standards. Beer production company selects only the best Bavarian malt, hops from the Hallertau valley and mountain water from the surrounding rocks.

Today in Bavaria no more "Bavarian" beer producer than Schneider Weisse. Bavarians themselves very fond of him and proud of it, and it enjoys a special honor at the elite Bavarian society. All brands have marked the highest ratings of beer critics and the highest awards of international beer competitions.


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