Beer Schlenkerla, "Rauchbier Marzen", mini keg, 5 L

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Reviews of purchase Schlenkerla, "Rauchbier Marzen", mini keg, 5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer caramel brown.


In a well-balanced taste of beer through tones of chocolate, smoke, earth and wood punched fruity notes, there is a refreshing bitterness. Carbonation - fine. Aftertaste - a long, clean, with hints of smoked malt.


Exciting aroma of beer filled with notes of smoke, smoked meat, ground, shades of sweet malt, dried fruit nuances.


Beer goes well with meat, pork ribs, barbecue.

Interesting Facts

"Rauchbier Märzen" - dark "March" beer with smoked smoky notes. Beer is brewed in accordance with the law of the purity of brewing in 1516 from an ancient recipe, which is already more than three hundred years brewers transmitted by inheritance. The production of barley malt used in its own malt house Schlenkerla, who previously smoked on beech lazy, and old oak barrels. "Märzen" has won numerous national and international awards. Among the latter, a gold medal at the Stockholm Beer Festival in 2012.

Beer "Märzen" brewed in Bavaria in XVI century. Preserved ruling on Bavarian brewery from 1539, which states that beer "Märzen" can be cooked only between September 29 and 23 April. Brewed beer is often stored in cellars for submission to the Oktoberfest. To beer could be stored for so long, were increased proportion of alcohol and beer density. German "Märzen" is characterized by medium to full bodied, malty aroma, clean, dry finish and color of beer ranges from pale amber to dark brown.

The first mention of the brewery Schlenkerla, which is located in the center of the historic town of Bamberg, refer to 1405. Truman Brewery owned by the family, today she manages the sixth generation. Brewery specializes in smoked beer that is bottled straight from the oak barrels in the cellars of the brewery. Beer under the brand "Echt Shlenkerla" brewed in accordance with the law of the purity of brewing from 1516. At the brewery has its own secrets and especially cooking smoked beer. One of these consists in treating the malt: green malt is placed in a fine wire mesh and dried by heat from a fire underneath. Smoke arising in the combustion process, the mesh envelops and "smokes" malt, which eventually becomes smoked. Another feature is the use in smoking logs of beech wood of the highest quality, which grows in the Franconian Jura. Before use, be sure the wood is kept for at least three years. It gives smoked beer "Echt Shlenkerla" specific flavor and dark color.


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In our store you can buy beer Schlenkerla, "Rauchbier Marzen", mini keg, 5 L, price Schlenkerla, "Rauchbier Marzen", mini keg, 5 L — 2 641 rub.. Producer beer Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier. Delivery Schlenkerla, "Rauchbier Marzen", mini keg, 5 L.