Tequila "Sauza" Silver, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Tequila pure, transparent color.


In a soft, warm taste of tequila agave traced notes, oak and pepper, grapefruit light motives. The aftertaste is different nuances of almond sweetness and tartness.


The aroma of tequila caught shades of lime, jasmine, green apple and agave, complemented by light undertones of white pepper and citrus.


Tequila is excellent in its pure form, traditionally supplemented with salt and a slice of lime. Good as an ingredient cocktails (eg, "Margarita", "Tequila Sunrise" and "Copa de Oro").

Interesting Facts

"Sauza" Silver - clear, transparent Mexican tequila, filled with bright notes of succulent agave and pepper. The drink is not aged in barrels.
For the production of tequila "Sauza" used blue agave juice. This plant matures within 8-12 years, two plants were planted one day can mature with a difference of 4 years. For their maturation and charges should be specially trained people - "himadory." In tequila "Sauza" Silver of the alcohols from the blue agave is at least 51%.

"Sauza" in Mexico is considered one of the oldest companies in the production of tequila, and the popularity of the "young" of sorts has no equal on the Mexican spaces. The company was founded in 1873 by Don Kenobi Souza. Its main production facilities are located in the state of Jalisco. That production of "Sauza" became the first in the history of tequila Mexico to export to the United States. Son of the founder, Don Eladio, at one time took over management of the company, significantly expanding it and opening branches in Mexico City and Monterrey. The company "Sauza" handed down from fathers to their children over 6 generations, developing and improving.
In 1988, the plant "Sauza" was bought by one of Spain's leading manufacturers - "Pedro Domecq". And in July 2005, the brand was acquired by "Fortune Brands". But, despite these changes, from tequila "Sauza" still remains the highest-quality, popular product, which 130 years ago.

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