Water "San Benedetto" Sparkling, Glass, 1 L

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Reviews of purchase "San Benedetto" Sparkling, Glass, 1 L

Tasting Notes


Water transparent color.


Water has a lean, clean and surprisingly smooth taste with a delicate, slightly sweet aftertaste.


Water has no aroma.


Water will provide the perfect accompaniment of any food, as well as a refreshing drink throughout the day.

Interesting Facts

Water San Benedetto has a low level of mineralization and is a perfect balance of minerals and mineral salts. Because of this water has a healing effect on all the vital functions of the body - both physiological and psychological. On the company's logo depicted on the label of each bottle, you can see a swallow, symbolizing Venus - goddess of motherhood.

Founded in 1956, the production of San Benedetto has been the creation and implementation of bottled water and soft drinks. Among the areas of the company - production of equipment for bottling water in the bottle. Production is located to the west of Venice. It is the largest company producing water in Italy after Nestle and occupies about 17.5% of the market. The company's products sold in Spain, Israel and Eastern Europe.


In our store you can buy bottled water "San Benedetto" Sparkling, Glass, 1 L, price "San Benedetto" Sparkling, Glass, 1 L — 181 rub.. Producer bottled water San Benedetto. Delivery "San Benedetto" Sparkling, Glass, 1 L.