Liqueur Sambuca "Vaccari", 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Sambuca "Vaccari", 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Sambuca "Vaccari" - clear beverage.


Sambuca has a smooth, mellow flavor.


Fragrance notes of anise liqueur filled.


Sambuca is excellent as a digestif, and is a good ingredient for the manufacture of the famous cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Sambuca "Vaccari" - a classic Italian liqueur anise extract. Sambuca was known even in Roman times, and today has received worldwide recognition. Drink fragrant and strong yet delicate and balanced. Sambuca is served burning, with three coffee beans. The drink is great as a digestif.

History of Lucas Bols began in 1575, when the family came Bols Amsterdam and founded the winery, which originally was called het Lootsje. The Netherlands was on the verge of the Golden Age, Amsterdam and quickly became the world trade center, where from all corners of the world were brought spices and herbs that are used to create Bols delicious liqueurs, which became very popular. In 1652 was born Lucas Bols, by which Bols brand has become known throughout the world. Centuries of secret recipes handed down from father to son, but in 1816 the family had to sell the company, putting one important condition: Bols name will always be associated with the winery. Today, Lucas Bols is an independent company, with products sold in over 110 countries, the company owns the largest base of delicious cocktails recipes, many of which are produced using Bols.



In our store you can buy liqueur Sambuca "Vaccari", 0.7 L, price Sambuca "Vaccari", 0.7 L — 1 407 rub.. Producer liqueur Lucas Bols. Delivery Sambuca "Vaccari", 0.7 L.