Water "S. Pellegrino" Chinotto, Glass, 200 ml

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Reviews of purchase "S. Pellegrino" Chinotto, Glass, 200 ml

Tasting Notes


Drink amber-hazel.


Taste of the drink refreshing, full-bodied, with a characteristic bitter-sweet notes of orange and balsamic nuances. The drink is absolutely not cloying.


The drink has a wonderful rich flavor with citrus bitterness.


Drink quenches thirst and refreshing on hot summer days, suitable for everyday meal, and for the festive table. Can be used to create cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"S. Pellegrino" Chinotto - refreshing carbonated drink with orange extract. Pomeranian - a subspecies of bitter oranges originating from China. The drink is made from the extract of orange peel fruit grown on the slopes of Mount Etna and the Sicilian sun-ripened. Caramelized sugar balances the natural bitterness of the fruit and gives the drink a rich amber color.

Drinks with the addition of orange is very popular in Italy, it is worth remembering many aperitifs and digestives of Campari. Thanks to the fantastic, unique, unique taste popularity "S. Pellegrino" Chinotto has long gone beyond the motherland, love the drink, both in Europe and in America. Chinotto similarity with Cola - only external, Chinotto is rich, exciting flavor and absolutely no cloying and sweet taste with a bitter citrus notes. Moreover, the drink is not included caffeine, colorants, and preservatives.

The basis for the creation of "S. Pellegrino" Chinotto is mineral table water "S. Pellegrino" . Water is extracted from the same source, "San Pellegrino" located at a depth of 500 meters and coming to the surface in the foothills of the Italian Alps, in the territory of San Pellegrino Terme. Rocks act as a natural filter for water purification, and natural gas from a source in Montepulciano fills water in tiny effervescent bubbles. The composition of the water, "San Pellegrino" consists of 14 minerals that have a positive effect on the digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the kidney excrete toxins.

Stylish glass bottle for "San Pellegrino" Pomeranets takes the form of clubs, its surface is similar in structure to the peel of citrus fruits - both in appearance and to the touch.

Legend has it that in 1509 the study of water from the source S. Pellegrino studied by Leonardo da Vinci, he even wrote a treatise on the properties of water and preserved in the archives of a detailed map of the area of San Pellegrino, hand-painted by Leonardo. Officially, mineral water, "San Pellegrino" was analyzed in 1748. Modern studies of repeated analyzes of the results of those old, confirming that the composition of the water has not changed to this day.

Company San Pellegrino was created in 1899. Already in 1900 the following were sold 35,500 bottles of mineral water "San Pellegrino", of which 5500 delivered abroad. In 1901, in the town of San Pellegrino Terme, opened a spa resort, which visited half of the aristocracy of Europe, members of royal families, ministers, diplomats said. By 1908, the water, "San Pellegrino" became known throughout the world, far beyond Europe. In 1932, the portfolio of San Pellegrino appeared carbonated fruit drink "Aranciata S. Pellegrino", containing only orange juice, sugar, and carbonated water, which in 1949 joined with other drinks fruit flavors.

100 years later in 2005, has sold more than 500 million. Bottles of mineral water "S. Pellegrino", and in 2010 reached a record figure of sales - 1 billion bottles of mineral water and sparkling fruit. Since 1999, the name "San Pellegrino" owned by Nestle created for the production and sale of mineral water ad hoc group - Nestle Waters, is currently the world leader in the sale of bottled water for nearly 70 brands, including Perrier, Vittel, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, Nestle Pure Life, and others.

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